• Hometown:  Wilmington, NC 
    • Genre: Rock, Alternative, Country, Pop 
    • Years Active: 2016-Present 

    Stick 'em Up combines talents from all over the United States to bring you a high-energy, rockin' musical experience. 

    Founding members Amanda Grace (vocals) and Travis Henry (drums) met in Wilmington, NC in January 2016 with the goal of creating a new and unique musical project. They searched high and low for like minded musicians, and were fortunate enough to find bassist Shawn Pugh and guitarists Greg Loehr and Brooke Ashman. Drawing on a variety of different musical backgrounds, each member brings a different flavor to the group, which blend together into that new, unique sound. They present the songs you know and love in a fresh way to keep crowds coming back for more.

    All have performed professionally in venues ranging from small parties to large stadiums. Each member brings their professionalism, energy, and stage presence to the group to create an unforgettable show. 

    They are available for booking as a full 5-piece band, great for large events, or as a 2-piece duo for more intimate settings. Their versatility, talent, and range make them a great choice for any show!


    Live Video